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African Gin

Procera was founded to share the very best of Africa with the world. Distilled in Nairobi, Kenya, our gins are the world’s first to use Juniperus Procera. The berries are handpicked from trees growing at an altitude of 7,200 feet just 44 miles from the distillery in Kijabe, a small town of just 2,000 people.

With all other botanicals sourced from across Africa, Procera expresses the terroir of our continent in every sip. We are proud to have established Kenya’s first craft distillery and we are honoured to represent Africa on the world stage.


Juniperus Procera

More than any other botanical, we believe that a gin’s juniper should define its character and reveal the true terroir of its origins. Procera Gin is named after the majestic Juniperus Procera tree, whose sun-drenched berries offer extraordinary flavour and quality. Growing wild in the highland forest of Kenya to a height of up to 80 feet, the Procera tree is the only juniper species indigenous to the southern hemisphere and encapsulates the heart and soul of our gins. Juniper berries are hand picked with help from the local community, and when distilled, create the distinctive nutty and earthy flavours which characterise Procera Gin.



A commitment to sustainability is at the core of Procera’s mission. We have a long-term vision to reforest the Kenyan highlands
with Procera trees. Since our inception we have planted
one new tree per bottle sold.

Our distinctive bottles are crafted from 100% recycled glass,
while at our distillery in Nairobi, we have introduced a pioneering, zero waste water system. Everything we do at Procera is driven
by environmental responsibility and contributing to a sustainable future for our continent and the planet.


We believe that creating unparalleled flavour profiles starts by working in long-term partnerships with our local communities.
These dedicated partners are the caretakers of the land producing the raw ingredients that make Procera so special.

Only by being an industry pioneer in genuine, and equitable community engagement can we create scalable,
systematic change and guarantee consistent, extraordinary
quality for generations to come.


Procera was dreamed up by a group of friends who asked why. Why does Kenya not have its own gin? And why have African Juniperus Procera berries never been used to make gin? From the beginning we believed that gins made with African Juniper could rival and surpass the very best in the world, and we are deeply proud to have persevered and stayed true to this belief.

Kitengela GlASS

The gorgeous Procera bottle is crafted by the brilliantly talented team at Kitengela Glass just 9km from the distillery as the crow flies. No two bottles are identical, and each is hand engraved with its own unique production number. Our bespoke craft vessels are painstakingly hand-blown from recycled glass and are ideal for up-cycling once the gin has been enjoyed.


Studio Koobi Fora

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Kijabe Forest Trust

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Nothing compares to fresh, local produce, although nearly all the world’s gin makers use dried juniper sourced far from their distilleries. Our proximity to Kijabe, a mere 55 kilometres, allows us to distill fresh juniper. The fresh juice in Procera berries provides an integral component of their character and flavour profile. If you dry juniper you remove the soul and the true terroir of place. This is what sets Procera apart, with the vibrant soul of our home continent captured in every sip.

Thoughtfully designed bottle
with a minimal environmental footprint.

Sustainably sourced juniper
from the heart of Africa.

Supporting local communities
through fair trade practices.